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11 Dec 2012

Product Review: Continental Grand Prix 4000 S Road Tire

I have tried many different brands and models of tires over the long period of time that I have been riding my bike, and I have come to the conclusion that the Continental Grand Prix 4000 S road tire is the best.  I have ridden on many Continental tires, and came about this model over a year ago, and haven’t used anything else since. What makes this tire so great?  There are several reasons why I will not race on […]

08 Nov 2012

Product Review: TRP 970 EQ Brakes

How do you make one of the best after market brake calipers better than they already are? You add an additional brake release that ratchets, which allows the brakes to be to be more efficient. This is a great feature, if you swap out your wheels often. The brake release also lets riders make a micro adjustments when getting a wheel change during a race, in case you get a rim that is slightly wider than what is normally run. […]

17 Aug 2012

Product Review: Ekoi 999 Helmet

The new 2012 Ekoi 999 cycling helmet has hit the cycling scene with full force. One of many things I love about this helmet is the light weight technology of 220 grams. I have used many helmets from companies like Giro to Laser and this is the first helmet I have used that after 3 hours of riding my neck does not hurt from the helmet being so heavy. Another great feature is that the Ekoi 999 offers is its […]

09 Aug 2012

Product Review: 2012 Cannondale EVO

The SuperSix Hi-Mod has been Cannondale’s flagship bike for several years. However, the engineers at Cannondale worked on the EVO project for some time and have truly come out with the perfect ride. After riding and racing the SuperSix Hi-Mod, which was awesome, I didn’t think they could make the ride of the EVO that much better. But, when you take the technology that is used on the CAAD10 and all of the Cannondale lines that incorporate their carbon technology, […]