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21 Nov 2019
Review: FSA K-Force Compact Carbon Handlebars

Review: FSA K-Force Compact Carbon Handlebars

For most of my years of riding, I’ve always stuck to using alloy bars due to their safety and reliability. However, carbon handlebars, specifically FSA K-Force Compact Carbon road handlebars, have come a long way putting any worries aside. Good road handlebars are like a good seat, they just have to feel comfortable as you’ll be riding and holding on to them in one position or another for the duration of your ride what ever type of ride that might […]

09 Oct 2019
FSA SL-K Road Brakes

Review: FSA SL-K Road Brakes

The FSA SL-K Road Brakes are some of the most powerful road rim brakes I have used to date. The arm’s I-beam structure provided ample stiffness and stopping power and the black and grey color scheme will match any bike they are installed on. The brakes take standard Shimano type cartridge pads so aftermarket pads for carbon rims and the like are easy to find and changing brake pads is simple. Opening the brake for wheel removal is accomplished with […]

30 Aug 2019

Review: FSA Powerbox Alloy Crankset

The FSA Powerbox Alloy Crankset is an outstanding complete setup for anyone racing or training with a coach who doesn’t want to spend the big bucks for a carbon crankset – or just doesn’t care about weight. At only 7 oz or so heavier than the carbon version for half the price, this set is a great deal. On top of that, it’s a very handsome crank that will compliment any bike and groupset. The setup is super easy with […]

24 Jul 2019
Product Review: Bottecchia 8Avio Revolution Road Bike

Product Review: Bottecchia 8Avio Revolution Road Bike

Pasta, Cars, Clothing and of course bikes! Italians know how to make bikes.   With Bottecchia being in the business since the 1920’s, they have plenty of experience making bikes, that have included major wins in the Giro di Italia in Italy, the Tour de France and in the United States. This year the SoCalCycling.com Team had the opportunity to ride the Bottecchia 8AVIO Revolution for the 2019 season. The Team achieved some great results in road races and criteriums landing […]

15 Jul 2019
Product Review: Crono CR-2 Road Cycling Shoes

Product Review: Crono CR-2 Road Cycling Shoes

The CRONO CR-2 Road Cycling Shoe is produced by CRONO, a small Italian manufacturer of cycling shoes, that has 40 years of experience making high-quality sports shoes. Italy is known for stylish footwear and the CRONO CR-2 cycling shoe is no exception with its sleek and light design. As someone who is very picky when it comes to my cycling shoes, I was looking forward to wearing the CRONO CR-2 Road Cycling Shoes and putting them to the test on some road rides. […]

10 Feb 2019
FSA Energy Handlebars

Review: FSA Energy Traditional Bend Alloy Handlebars

Handlebars are really a matter of personal preference, as they are a contact point between your hands and the bike. You want to feel as comfortable as possible. The bend, the weight, the stiffness and comfort all have to come into play to have a good handlebar to race with. If traditional bend bars are your style, then the FSA Energy Traditional Bend Handlebars are for you! I use the 40 cm handlebars, although they come in a wide range […]