Review: FSA Energy Traditional Bend Alloy Handlebars

FSA Energy Handlebars

Handlebars are really a matter of personal preference, as they are a contact point between your hands and the bike. You want to feel as comfortable as possible. The bend, the weight, the stiffness and comfort all have to come into play to have a good handlebar to race with.

If traditional bend bars are your style, then the FSA Energy Traditional Bend Handlebars are for you! I use the 40 cm handlebars, although they come in a wide range of sizes, as well.

The most common problem I have with traditional bend bars is the reach is too big and the drop is too deep.  Well, FSA hit the ball out of the park with these handlebars. The drop is the perfect depth, not too shallow and not too deep. The reach is also perfect; not too far out, but not too close. Not only is the shape of these bars spot on, but they are also extremely stiff and compliant, as well. Going into sprints, I’m confident and also comfortable, which to me, is extremely important.

They are also comfortable when you have to get the miles in the saddle or pounding out that long event.


  • Quad-butted, tapered and shot-peened AL7050/T6
  • Wide central area for easy accessory mounting
  • Flat-topped for comfort
  • Sandblasted non-slip for taped areas
  • Bar width: center/center from the handlebar tails

For more information on the FSA Energy Traditional Bend Handlebars,  please visit fullspeedahead.com.  FSA Energy Traditional Bend Handlebars can be purchased at your local bike shop.

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