Product Review: Sugoi RS Jersey & RS Pro Bib Short

Since my foray into cycling four short years ago, I have worn, trained in, raced in, suffered in, and succeeded in over a dozen different brands of cycling clothing. So, when it comes to a review of the quality cycling clothing of Sugoi, my opinion is based on the cumulative personal experience of riding in each brand of clothing.

Being outfitted with the full Sugoi clothing wardrobe by the SoCalCycling.com Team for the 2014 season means that the kits and the accessory clothing become the clothing that I wear most often in my week and therefore and integral part of my life and riding experience. What I notice most, and what is the foundation of my review, is the performance quality in the clothing where it truly counts for the avid cyclist who lives from training ride to training ride and dreams of race-day.

The Sugoi RS Jersey and RS Pro Bib Short are how cycling kits were meant to fit. I believe there is a distinct psychological advantage from the impact of wearing a kit that feels and looks as good as you feel; Sugoi clothing delivers this experience every time. The RS jersey was made for training and racing. It sits tight on my shoulders and comfortably snug at the torso reducing the amount of extra material flapping in the wind and, more importantly, securing the pockets snugly into the small of my back keeping my precious cell phone, food and pump from escaping. The RS jersey is a workhouse piece of clothing: It holds bottles, It withstands hundreds of machine washes, It remains taut with use, and best of all, it remains cool in those hot summer races of attrition we all hate to love.

The RS Pro bib short is hands-down my favorite piece of clothing to pull out of the closet for a leg-burning training ride because when I do, my focus is on my training and NOT how uncomfortable I am in the saddle. Many bib shorts appear to be high quality on the hanger, but the real test of truth is the routine of suffering and washing that a bib short undergoes in its lifetime. As a rider who prefers hours of seated climbing, this bib short proves it’s worth; the RS Pro bib short has a chamois that feels like a throne. This would be the best chamois I’ve ridden to date. The cut and placement of the lycra panels of RS Pro bib shorts makes for the nice and snug fit with the way the panels are placed and fitted on the RS Pro bibs shorts.

The Sugoi RS Jersey and RS Pro Bib Short are definitely a pro fit with pro comfort and styling. If your at the Interbike trade show drop by SUGOI and check out their line of clothing and if you’re a club looking for your next kit they will have their Live Art team ready to help you come up with your next team or club design.

Check out the link to the SUGOI Live Art Intro on SoCalCycling.com.

SUGOI will be at booth Booth #21164 at Interbike, so drop by and check out their clothing line and live art crew.

Review by Tim Woo, SoCalCycling.com Team

Photos ©  Christy Nicholson / EchelonDesignPhoto.com

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