Update on Ronnie Toth’s Road to Recovery After Crash at Manhattan Beach Grand Prix

SoCalCycling.com Team rider Ronnie Toth had very severe crash going into the final sprint of the Manhattan Beach Grand Prix where he hit the orange fencing and was transported by ambulance to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Ronnie suffered severe injuries and now will require multiple surgeries to correct facial and structural injuries. Ronnie’s wife, Layli, has shared an update on Ronnie as he embarks on the road to recovery.

Above Photo – Ronnie Toth heads to the last turn at the 2014 Manhattan Beach Grand Prix prior to his crash.

Dear Cycling Family,

I know that many of you have been wondering what is happening with Ronnie Toth since the accident at Manhattan Grand Prix. First of all, I wanted to thank all of you for the incredible support and encouragement, countless messages, phone calls, and the overwhelming amount of financial support. Neither Ronnie nor I expected to have such a loving supportive community and family around us. It has been amazing to see how much Ronnie is loved and cared for, and although it has not been an easy road you all have inspired, blessed and infused hope into him and I. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

After the crash Ronnie was taken to UCLA Harbor, it was the closest Trauma I hospital. He sustained several injuries, including an open fracture of the right arm (broken into 3 pieces), extensive fracture to his face where his upper teeth are free floating and the bones between the eyes and the jaw are shattered into small pieces, a laceration to his left eye that involved the eye lid, fracture to the left eye orbit and several broken teeth. He was intubated (put a tube down his throat to help him breathe) and sedated in the emergency room. He lost a lot of blood because the fracture in his face was deep and arterial blood was coming out like a fountain. We are incredibly blessed because he did not suffer any brain or spinal cord injuries, and his left eye remained intact despite the lacerated eyelid and the fractured orbit.

He went into surgery for his right arm on Monday morning with placement of three plates and 18 screws. The surgery went well without complications. Ronnie was extubated on Tuesday and had a very hard time breathing. While all this was happening I was trying to find maxillofacial surgeons with a lot of experience who knew how to reconstruct his face. The fracture was very complicated and required knowledge and experience to find the best possible approach. Many of you have sent me a lot of referrals and information, so thank you for that. I truly did not know where to go. Through friends we got connected with a great maxillofacial team at Kaiser Sunset and got transferred here on Wednesday night. We were told that he will need several surgeries to rebuild his nose with possible bone and skin grafts. Today, Monday, July 14th, he went in for his first surgery. They will be resuspending his jaw, wiring it shut for a couple of weeks, placing a tracheostomy so he can breathe, repairing the orbit of the eye, possibly placing some bone grafts, plates and sewing on ligaments to pull the tissues in the right places. He is in surgery at the moment. This is going to be a long road but Ronnie is in good spirits. So thank you for the incredible support. You all are an amazing blessing to us.

I will send updates on Ronnie’s journey to recovery as often as I can.


A Recovery Fund has been set up to help Ronnie with his medical costs. Any amount will help and is greatly appreciated in this difficult time! You can make a Donation at GiveForward or via the widget below.

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