Product Review: 2012 Cannondale EVO

The SuperSix Hi-Mod has been Cannondale’s flagship bike for several years. However, the engineers at Cannondale worked on the EVO project for some time and have truly come out with the perfect ride.

After riding and racing the SuperSix Hi-Mod, which was awesome, I didn’t think they could make the ride of the EVO that much better. But, when you take the technology that is used on the CAAD10 and all of the Cannondale lines that incorporate their carbon technology, you get the best ride ever!

Cannondale starts off with using BallisTec Carbon Technology. Which allows the EVO to have the best stiffness to weight ratio for a carbon frame out performing aluminum frames for strength.

The Cannondale EVO uses the Speed Save Technology that is used in some of the other frames in the Cannondale lineup to maintain comfort without sacrificing efficiency. The Speed Save Technology is similar to what is used in F-1 racing for suspension.

The carbon tubes on the EVO are much smaller in diameter than on the standard SuperSix, which allows for a more aero bike with less wind drag.

The whole frame is mostly carbon with the exception of the rear dérailleur hanger and seat collar, which are a very minimalist aluminum. The bottom bracket shell is oversized to accommodate a press fit BB30 shell, to keep this bike to a scant 695 grams

The EVO is begging to be climbed and ridden for long periods of time on twisty turns and long flat sections along with some rolling terrain for SuperSix Hi-Mod measure.

Whether you are sitting or standing out of the saddle on a climb the EVO just feels really smooth and accelerates quite well due to it’s strength to weight ratio. The one thing I really noticed was how this bike floats underneath you. This is where the Speed Save technology really kicks in and you can feel it work. Rolling over any terrain, the EVO feels like it just floats right over obstacles that I would normally bunny hop or sit to relieve the pressure from going over some harsh terrain. It is definitely an amazing ride.

In addition, there is no shortage of get up and go from the Cannondale EVO for as comfortable as the ride is. Sprinting out of the saddle is awesome due to the EVO’s strength to weight ratio. The EVO’s geometry is built for race handling, so you can point it and it goes where you want it to  go due to it’s nimble responsiveness.

The EVO is by far the lightest production bike I have ever owned or ridden. My build came in at 13.4 lbs using the new SRAM Red, Cannondale Hollowgram cranks, ROL C25R carbon rims, Ritchey bars, stem and carbon seat post.

The EVO feels just as stable as other bikes weighing 4-5 pounds more. To ride a bike that feels this light and floats underneath you is a treat. It’s a  bike that you will want to ride all of the time. It’s that nice of a ride!

So, when Tour Magazine and Cannondale say it’s the best bike in the world, you can really only be the judge of that. But, if you get some quality time on the pavement with an EVO, you will quickly see what all of the buzz is about when they say it’s the best bike in the world.

More information on the Cannondale EVO can be found at Cannondale.com.

Review and Photos by Frank Sarate, SoCalCycling.com

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