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27 Apr 2019
San Luis Rey Road Race - Abner Gonzalez Wins

Abner Gonzalez (Socalcycling.com Team) Wins the SLR Road Race

The SoCalCycling.com Team is happy to have climbing sensation Abner Gonzalez racing for the SoCalCycling.com Team this season. Abner, who is just 18 years old and is from Puerto Rico, was highly recommended to race for the Team by teammate and sponsor Franco Font, who also is from Puerto Rico. The past few seasons, Abner raced in Spain on a top Spanish Junior cycling team where he had the opportunity to race in the Junior World Championships representing Puerto Rico. This […]

01 Apr 2019
2019 Santa Anita Park Crit

Socalcycling.com Sponsors Elite Team for the 16th Year, 2019 Roster and Partners Announced

SoCalCycling.com is excited to announce the continued support and sponsorship of the SoCalCycling.com Elite Cycling Team for the sixteenth consecutive year!  Media partner SoCalCycling.com continues to provide the support and platform for Team members to compete at a high level and the opportunity to progress through the ranks. Over the years, Team members have earned valuable experience and support that has led to a pro contract for several dedicated members. For 2019, the SoCalCycling.com Team includes Category 1 riders that features a solid […]

10 Feb 2019
FSA Energy Handlebars

Review: FSA Energy Traditional Bend Alloy Handlebars

Handlebars are really a matter of personal preference, as they are a contact point between your hands and the bike. You want to feel as comfortable as possible. The bend, the weight, the stiffness and comfort all have to come into play to have a good handlebar to race with. If traditional bend bars are your style, then the FSA Energy Traditional Bend Handlebars are for you! I use the 40 cm handlebars, although they come in a wide range […]

18 Aug 2018

Product Review: FSA PowerBox Carbon Crankset

The FSA PowerBox Carbon crankset is a sturdy, handsome watt-output-measuring crankset that would fit well in any build. The clear coat lets the carbon layup shine, and overall the crank has a solid build quality and a sharp look. Installation and setup were a breeze. Utilizing the new BB386 standard the crankset has a nice wide platform to support the oversized spindle. Just throw in the necessary spacers and tighten the single 10mm Allen bolt and they’re ready to pedal. Pairing […]

18 Aug 2018

Bike Profile: Bottecchia Doppia T2 Red Lab Team Edition Road Race Bike

Bottecchia is a well know brand of road bicycles that was made popular in the US in the late eighties when Greg Lemond won an epic battle against French rider Laurent Fignon in the Tour de France while riding on a Bottecchia for the ADR Cycling Team. The final individual time trial would decide the final outcome of the 1989 Tour, as the world was watching Greg Lemond make his comeback. Laurent Fignon lost the time trial and the Tour […]

15 Aug 2018

Product Review: ROKA SR-1 Cycling Sunglasses

ROKA may not be the most well-known eyewear brand on the market yet as it is relatively new to the industry. ROKA definitely has some of the best sunglasses you can get your hands on. Even with ROKA eyewear being new to the eyewear market, ROKA has years of designing and engineering from some of the top people from various eyewear companies to ensure that you’ll be extremely satisfied with how you look and perform in whatever style ROKA eyewear […]