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Carlos Mac Pherson (SoCalCycling.com Team) Interview – From Mountain Biking to Road

We caught up with SoCalCycling.com Team member Carlos Mac Pherson to learn more about his cycling background as a successful  mountain biker who has transitioned to road racing this year.  Carlos, who is from Mexico, is just 21 years old and has found success on the bike where he has earned the title of U23 Mexican Mountain Bike National Champion.  Carlos has been a great team player for the  SoCalCycling.com Team and  has found early season success on the road for the SoCalCycling.com Team where he won the challenging UCLA Road Race.

Racing Highlights

1st – UCLA Road Race ????
Mountain Bike State Champion Baja California????
XC National Champion – Junior (16 years) ????
XC National Champion U-23 (18 years )????
10th – Pan American Championship XC (16-18 years) ????

SoCalCycling.com:  How did you get into cycling and how long have you been riding?

Carlos Mac Pherson:  As a child I used to ride my bike around the neighborhood.  I got into cycling because a neighbor invited me for a ride and then a competition in 2013.

SoCalCycling.com:  Why did you want to make the switch to the Road from Mountain Biking?

Carlos Mac Pherson:  Actually, I had a long time wanting to change modality, but for fear and comfort I didn’t do it until I got up my courage and changed my focus.

SoCalCycling.com:  You’ve had a pretty good career with Mountain Biking.  What are the changes you’ve had to make to convert to training and racing on the road to change from your Mountain Bike schedule?

Carlos Mac Pherson:  I have changed all my preparation. I started to put more distances and longer workouts.

SoCalCycling.com:  What do you think of doing more racing in the US?

Carlos Mac Pherson:  I really love racing in the USA. it’s very different from how you compete in Mexico and I’ve gained a lot of experience racing with very strong people.

SoCalCycling.com:  I’ve really noticed that you like to do the team tactics and are having fun racing in the crits and circuit races, in addition to Road Races.  You seem to have learned quickly on the team tactics and almost thrive on them.  Do you feel this comes naturally or is this something you had to learn?

Carlos Mac Pherson:  I think they are both. It’s true that I like to follow the directions of my Team Director and Team Captain, but I also let myself be guided by instinct.  I had to learn some things and I’m still learning.

SoCalCycling.com:  You have a coach currently, how did this come about and how long have you been working together?

Carlos Mac Pherson:  When I wanted to make the change from mountain bike to the road I made a 180 degree change and started working on the process with Gera Medina, I have been working with him for about 8 months.

He helped me a lot because he is a great mentor who has already been a professional and guides me very well.

SoCalCycling.com:  Having to deal with the global pandemic of COVID-19, how have you been able to maintain your training and stay motivated?

Carlos Mac Pherson:  In my case, if it was difficult for me to stay motivated. At the beginning, I thought it would be just a few weeks, but when it was extended and canceled many events suffer to assimilate it, but right now I’m concentrated and I can’t wait to return to the races.

SoCalCycling.com:  What are some of your goals heading into the future for the road scene, providing we can get through the pandemic?

Carlos Mac Pherson:  That depends on the careers that are available to set a goal for me but always giving my best.

SoCalCycling.com:  What are your feelings surrounding the global pandemic and its effects on cycling?

Carlos Mac Pherson:  I feel sad for the people who have been affected by this virus. I am very sorry for all those people who have suffered a loss. I do not know how much cycling will be affected, but I hope it does not affect it.

SoCalCycling.com:  What type of measures is the Mexican Federation taking to keep riders safe, but also trying to hold events, if at all?

Carlos Mac Pherson:  So far there have been no races, but I understand that the National Championships have not yet canceled.

SoCalCycling.com: Thanks for the interview Carlos! We look forward to watching your continued success on both the road and mountain bike!

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