Winning the Points Classification at the Clásicas Futuras Estrellas in Columbia, by Osvaldo Mora

Clásicas Futuras Estrellas in Columbia Osvaldo Mora

SoCalCycling.com Team’s Osvaldo Mora recently competed in the Clásicas Futuras Estrellas in Columbia, where he won the overall in the Points Classification and the prestigious red Points Jersey (see photos below) after a hard-fought sprint battle for the points every stage.


This August I had the opportunity to race a stage race called “Clásicas Futuras Estrellas” in the U23 category here in Huila, Colombia. My expectations for the race weren’t high since I was recovering from a sickness I had a week prior but I was still focusing on giving it my all for the team that I guest rode for, TEAM Nativos PA&N.

Clásicas Futuras Estrellas – Stage 1:

For this stage, it was a 5 mile uphill Time Trial. Long story short, it wasn’t my best day on the bike so I finished mid-pack in the peloton of 120 riders. So my options for the General Classification were thrown out the window, so then I decided to devote all my energy towards the points jersey

Clásicas Futuras Estrellas – Stage 2:

This stage was originally an 80-kilometer circuit race with a few hill bumps on the road but was cut short to 70 kilometers for unknown reasons. It was a very hot day but I had my mindset to get the points for the jersey. There were three opportunities for the sprints and I was able to come in first on both occasions and in third for the last sprint. After my efforts now my focus was to lead out one of my teammates who was sitting in 4th GC. On the last corner, with 1 km left my teammate went off the front with a solo attack, so I had no other choice than to sit in and hold, but the group was aggressive all day so they shut that attack down with 500 meters left. So in that short time, I decided I should try to sprint for the win but fell short finishing 3rd for the day.

Clásicas Futuras Estrellas – Stage 3:

Going into the final stage, a criterium, I was sitting 1st in the Points Classification with a couple of point lead. I had to win 2 sprints to secure the win so I knew what I had to do. There were 3 sprints to collect the point. On the first sprint I was boxed in by the team sitting in second, so I didn’t get any points and I was now tied for the classification, but I didn’t get worried and I kept my calm and went forward with the race. For the next two sprints, I was able to win so I secured the jersey but after the final sprint, the peloton was breaking apart. With  2 laps to go, I didn’t get a chance to recover since the course was fast and technical. But with the help of my teammates, they took me from the back of the peloton to the front where I needed to be. But with the 3 sprint efforts that also included the last few laps trying to position me, I was at my limit but I knew I had to give it one last dig for the stage win. But I fell short again and ended up 2nd on the stage and with the Points Classification jersey.

It was a great experience racing here in Colombia and I would like to thank Frank with the SoCalCycling.com Team and TEAM PA&N

By Osvaldo Mora (SoCalCycling.com Team in the US and TEAM PA&N in Columbia)

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