Product Review: Borah Teamwear OTW Cycling Jersey

Borah Teamwear OTW Cycling Jersey Review

When it comes to the gear you need to ride a bike comfortably, nothing in my opinion is as important as good cycling kit. It should fit well, be breathable and most simply just not distract you from your ride.

The Borah Teamwear OTW Cycling Jersey does all these things. Borah describes the fit on this jersey as “Aero”, it conforms to the body with a snug fit leaving no loose fabric to catch unnecessary drag. For me, this is also more comfortable as well since there’s no distracting flapping or movement from the garment while you’re riding. It just conforms to your body and acts like a second skin. The jersey is constructed from high quality Italian fabric that stretches the right amount and is highly breathable in the right places. The jersey also provides UV protection for those long days in the sun, and has flatlock seams so nothing chafes. I’ve done 8+ hour rides on hot days and stayed amazingly comfortable all day long (leg fatigue aside).

The sleeves do not have a laser cut gripper band like many high end jerseys do these days and I think that is another plus. The same material as the sleeve that is already snugly conforming to your arm continues through to the cuff in one nearly seamless form. I’ve had jerseys that bunch, ride up your arm, or just grip too tightly – and this jersey does none of those.

There are three standard jersey pockets on the back and here they didn’t try and reinvent the wheel – which is a great thing. All three pockets are uniform in size and just like the sleeves are made from the same main panel jersey fabric so they stretch wonderfully and hold whatever they contain tightly against your back so your snacks aren’t shuffling around or bouncing out.

Our team-issue jerseys are the collarless design, but you can get the OTW jersey with a collar if you prefer the coverage or a more classic look. I personally love not having something on my throat so I love the collarless design. I put this jersey on and go for a ride and in the best way I don’t notice it at all while I’m riding, it is basically an extension of my body that is not distracting me at all while enhancing my experience and comfort. I’d ride in this jersey all day, every day.

For more information on the OTW Cycling Jersey please visit Borah Teamwear.

Review by Ben Foster, SoCalCycling.com Team

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