Product Review: Clif Bar and Clif Shot Energy Gel

When exercising keeping your energy stores topped off can be difficult.  Staying hydrated is one key ingredient needed to perform your best.  The other is consuming the right amount of calories so the body has something to burn.  Clif Bar has created some of the best working and tasting products on the market.

The Clif Bar is a 240 calorie energy bar.  Made with mostly organic ingredients like organic brown rice and organic soy beans. It is a healthy choice while exercising. It also serves as a great snack.  When it comes to eating while exercising taste has to be the most important factor when choosing an energy bar.  This is where Clif Bar has done it all right.  With a huge range of flavors for the athletes who have a bit of a sweet tooth the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut and Cool Mint Chocolate are always a good choice. For those who prefer something a little more low key Oatmeal Raisin Walnut and Blueberry Crisp are also great tasting without an overwhelming amount of sweet.  Clif Bar is always working on new flavors to keep people coming back for more.  Their newest release and my personal favorite is the Coconut Chocolate Chip.

I never leave for a ride without at least taking one Bar with me. Clif Bars are the staple food during training, and I have never felt like a Bar was not enough to get me through my ride.  Not only do Clif Bars taste great but they give you the fuel necessary to get you through a long training day or to help get you to the finish line first.  When your stomach starts grumbling or you feel that not so good feeling of a bonk coming on a Clif Bar is the superior choice to satisfy your hunger and prevent the bonk. Clif Bars can be purchased from your local health food, store bike shop, or online for about $1.50 per bar.

Another fantastic product from Clif Bar is the Clif Shot Energy Gel.  The Clif Shot Energy Gel is not so loaded with calories but loaded with beneficial nutrients, such as sodium and potassium.  The Clif Shot Energy Gel is perfect for a pre-race / pre-workout pick me up that will get your energy levels up.  Again, Clif Bar has come up with a way to supply athletes with energy without sacrificing taste.  With a new formula, the body can now break down the gel much easier converting it to energy faster and more effectively.

One common complaint from energy gel consumers is the consistency of the gel.  It is either too thick, too runny, too sticky, too sweet or it just plain tastes gross.  With a perfect consistency and a variety of great flavors there is a flavor for everyone.  Clif Bar makes the Clif Shot Energy Gels both with and without caffeine.  For the caffeine junkies the Double Espresso Gel with two shots supplying you with +100mg of caffeine.  Usually going for the Double Espresso, I will consume one 15 minutes before a race and it supplies me with the zing of energy needed to compete at a high level of racing. Clif  Shot Energy Gels can also be purchased at most health food stores, bike shops, and online for about $1.25 per gel.

By Andrew Bosco

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