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28 Apr 2017

Fuel Your Adventure with CLIF® Nut Butter Filled Bars

I was definitely right! Two Clif Bars, two packs of CLIF BLOK Energy Chews and two CLIF SHOT Energy Gels was the perfect amount of food for my 100+ mile / 6 hour bike ride. I love it when that happens. My jersey pockets get lighter and smaller as the ride gets harder and harder. The first thing that goes are the Clif Bars. Stored in my center pocket, they give me peace of mind that I won’t bonk later […]

21 Dec 2014

SoCalCycling.com Team Sponsor, CLIF® Bar, Introduces Two New Flavors

SoCalCycling.com Elite Team sponsor, CLIF® Bar, has announced the release of two delicious new flavors, Berry Pomegranate Chia and Nuts & Seeds. The Berry Pomegranate Chia CLIF® Bar is made for berry lovers and has a sweet and tangy combination of strawberries, cranberries, pomegranate and chia seeds.  The Nuts & Seeds CLIF® Bar is blend of sweet & salty crunchy almonds and peanut butter with sunflower and pumpkin seeds! CLIF Bar is the original energy bar made with a nutritious […]