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05 Apr 2015

Race Report: Two Podiums at the Easter Sunday Grand Prix

The Easter Sunday Grand Prix in Ontario was the fourth event of the Ontario Series with perfect racing weather in the low 70′s.  On Sunday, racers and their families celebrated Easter, as well as Race Announcer Ralph Elliott’s birthday. The racing was animated with several breakaway attempts, including the two man break of Josh Ruiz  (SoCalCycling.com Team) and Ansel Dickey (California Giant Berry Farms) which stuck for several laps. The winning move came with a few laps to go when Federico Canuti […]

22 Apr 2014

Winning the Easter Sunday Grand Prix – By Ryan Schneider, SoCalCycling.com / Craig Shelly Team

Sunday, April 20th, 2014 was the Easter Sunday Grand Prix held on the seven-turn course in Ontario, California. This race is part of a six race series. Races are held about once a month throughout the season. To win the series racers can obtain points from placing in the top seven in the finish as well as a mid race three-point prime. With a few of the top local sprinters out of town, the race presented itself as a great […]