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25 Aug 2015

Product Review: Clif Bar Products – By Josh Ruiz, SoCalCycling.com Team

I think sometimes we can forget that Chapstick is a brand of lip balm, a Jacuzzi is a type of hot tub, a Sharpie is one type of permanent marker and now Clif Bar is the new face for energy bars.  In my experience, being a bike racer who has tried nearly every energy bar product, I can genuinely say that Clif Bar and all of Clif’s products are always my top choice.  You can choose from a Clif Builder’s […]

09 Jul 2015

Product Review: Smith PivLock Arena Sunglasses

The Smith Pivlock Arena sunglasses are made for the person looking for genuine benefits in performance and function.  After two years of experience using the Pivlock Arenas for countless of hours on the bike I find its lightweight, wide peripheral view, and adjustable nose piece to be the glasses key features. The glasses lightweight and amazing field of view is due to its simplistic build that leaves out a top and bottom frame piece.  Instead, the glasses have a single […]

29 Jun 2015

On the Podium at the Ontario 4 Corner Criterium

The Ontario 4 Corner Criterium was held on a short .7 mile course that runs on some of the same streets as the popular Grand Prix course. The Pro 1-3 race was only 60 minutes long, so the SoCalCycling.com Team was aggressive and made solid attacks throughout the race in an effort to get something to stick in the hot and humid weather. A break of twelve riders got off late in the race and with a few laps to […]

12 May 2015

A Podium Celebration at the Berkeley Hills Road Race

SoCalCycling.com Team rider Josh Ruiz recently placed 4th at the Tour of the Gila Road Race in New Mexico and 3rd in the hilly Berkeley Hills Road Race in Northern California, which earned him a spot on the podium and a champagne celebration. Congratulations to Josh on placing strong and consistently with top results this season. Photo by Alex Chiu

27 Jan 2015

Race Report: Santa Barbara County Road Race – By Josh Ruiz, SoCalCycling.com Team

The 2015 Santa Barbara County Road Race started off the road racing scene in SoCal for those who wanted to test their early season fitness. The men’s Pro 1/2 field rolled off with a respectable sized field that brought a handful of big names. Some of these names came all the way from Canada who represented Silber Pro Cycling. With perfect Southern California weather, the race was easily predicted to bring speed, suffering and sweat stains to whomever passed the […]